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At CGS Carpet Warehouse we offer a range of different decorative rug options in-store. We can also order from a large selection of different rugs in to store for you from our supplier's catalogue. All of the rugs available to order are below - each rug varies in price, size, colour, pattern and pile. We can also whip carpet offcuts into rugs for you that you may have left over or purchase from us. For more information of this service click here.

Here you can find all of rugs on offer from our supplier. We stock a selection of these rugs at a lower price than the RRP in-store which are available for purchase and taking home immediately. Please bear in mind, availability of in-store rugs may vary depending on store sales and we cannot guarantee a particular rug is available in store. If you would like to check if a particular rug or size is available in store before visiting us, please give us a call on 01440 709328. 


On each rug page you can view information about the rug and the different sizes it is available in. To sort through and filter the rugs by colour, material, style etc. use the filters on this page. 


If you would like us to order you one of these rugs for collection please contact us via phone on 01440 709328 or email us at and we will contact our supplier with regards to availability.

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